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RESPONDER final conference:

Austerity, Stimulus or Post-growth for Europe?

Revisiting Sicco Mansholt's Vision

Date: Friday March 21st, 2014

Venue: European Parliament - Petra Kelly Room (ASP A1G4), Altieri Spinelli Building, Place Luxembourg - 1047 Brussels

Draft agenda (PDF, 184 kB)
Speakers' biographies (PDF, 178 kB)
List of hotels close to the EP (PDF, 229 kB)

RESPONDER brings together high-level scientists, policy-makers and practitioners to explore, discuss and address pressing questions about the contradictions between sustainable consumption and economic growth. In this final conference we revisit the propositions of Sicco Mansholt, President of the European Commission in 1972-73, to explore the complex relations between economic growth and sustainability, and what they mean for dealing with the European crisis.

Please join us for a dynamic programme featuring...

  • Hot topics and burning issues: key messages from RESPONDER scientists about growth and sustainable consumption

  • Panel discussions/debates:
    • Europe and the crisis: Where do we go from here?
    • Welfare with(out) growth in Europe?
  • Facilitated working groups:  producing concrete proposals for policy, for research, and for civil society action

Speakers include:
Giorgos Kallis and Joan Martinez Alier (Autonomous University of Barcelona)
Robert Skidelsky (University of Warwick and Institute for New Economic Thinking)
Elena Flores (European Commission, DG Economics & Financial Affairs)
Tim Jackson (University of Surrey)
André Martinuzzi (Vienna University of Economics and Business)
Luisa Prista (Eco-Innovation, DG Research & Innovation, EC)
Denis Bayon (Research & Degrowth)
Inge Røpke (Aalborg Uni
Yves Cochet (MEP, Group of the Greens)
Nikos Chrysogelos
(MEP, Group of the Greens)
Xavier Sol (Counterbalance)

Target groups:

  • Policymakers/politicians will enjoy an engaging first-hand account of key RESPONDER findings, take part in high level discussions on their policy relevance, and debate the implications of various policy pathways for a transition to a sustainable Europe

  • Civil society/activists will take part in discussions to shape collaborative research agendas and  proposals, and develop strategies for networking, awareness raising and campaigning around post-growth policies

  • Researchers/academics will reflect on RESPONDER findings, identify and discuss further areas of research, and shape an emergent research agenda on post-growth in Europe

Registration & contact

Registration is open now only for participants that have passes to enter the EP building. If you have a pass, please register online by clicking on the button below   



For any other information, please contact us at

We look forward to welcoming you in Brussels on 21st March!

Joan Martinez Alier
Giorgios Kallis
Viviana Asara
Hali Healy
Francois Schneider
Filka Sekulova
(ICTA, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)

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